In Which I Introduce An Opportunity to Annoy You With My Thoughts on Board Gaming...

Before Christmas, the Guardian published a series of articles discussing board games, under the general heading "Board Games Are Back", in which a number of contributors looked at the new(-ish) wave of board games that've emerged over the last decade or so.   I'd assumed it was a one-off thing for Christmas - Christmas being about the only time of year mainstream media go anywhere near board games as a subject - but since a new article's been published today (07/01), it seems they're still interested in the topic.   I'm happy to see that their enthusiasm is undimmed (even if they've rather weirdly put the articles in the "Technology" section of the website), and I hope they continue to provide the hobby with exposure.  

Anyway, reading the articles, and particularly some of the views expressed in the comments section below the articles, I got to thinking "Hey!  Just like these folks, I too have a load of half-baked, ill-informed, poorly-articulated opinions on the board gaming hobby!   Why don't I put them in a blog?  After all, what's the point in bankrolling the MAB website, if I can't use it as a platform to foist my idiocy on my fellow MABbers, and unsuspecting members of the public who happen upon the site because they were looking for the Mortgage Advice Bureau?"

So that's what's going to happen.  I'm not sure how frequently I will post here, or if I will keep it up for long, or if anyone will even read it, but it'll be good writing practice for the novel I've been meaning to finish for the last twenty years.   I'll enable commenting also, so people can tell me how wrong I am.

So, expect the first lot of nonsense shortly...


Beresford Quimby